I consider myself to be incredibly lucky as I have always worked in the company of people who are smarter than me.

I serve as the Fellowship Director of EurAsia's oldest Medical Technology Innovation program housed at AIIMS, Delhi. SiB is a Department of Biotechnology funded program at All India Institute of Medical Sciences and Indian Institute of Technology Delhi that runs in partnership with Stanford University (California), Hiroshima and Tottori Universities (Japan) and Queensland University (Australia).

Since high school, I have set up enterprises in domains of Internet Technology, Medical Devices, Computer Hardware, eLearning, enterprise communications and Higher Education. With some successes and many failures, my life has been eventful.

As an author, I am the co-creator of SARP series, an incredibly popular series of handbooks for Medical Students and Post-graduate training aspirants in India.

I trained as a Physician in India. And then as a GP with RCGP, London. Then as an Intensivist and a Clinical researcher ! That earned a tag from my mentors : "Prashant, you are a professional student!".

Born in a family of engineers , I had to become an engineer. Isn't it ? So after completing my education in medicine and having closely associated with medicine in three continents, my DNA pulled me to IIT Kanpur - where I trained in Bioengineering, Computer Science, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship !

My last formal education was at Stanford University - a Post Doctoral Fellowship in Medical Technology Innovation and Management (and that followed an executive program at Harvard University!).

I have the privilege to work and absorb work ethos from some of the best institutions across the globe. From my mentors at Prince of Wales Medical college to AIIMS and from IIT Kanpur to Stanford, I am deeply influenced by mentors who have shaped my experience.

My colleagues, team-mates, and managers at Apollo Hospitals, Brun Health, BMJ group, AIIMS, Stanford, Harvard, Hiroshima University, Tottori University, and QUT continue to shape my life by offering vivid experiences.

There are three 'T's that deeply inspire me:

a. Treating
b. Teaching
c. Technology development

I aspire to put India in the league of Medical Technology leaders of the world.

I have 7 years to innovate 10 technologies that improve lives of 10 million fellow citizens on earth.