Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Designed for Poor, or Poorly Designed ?

This building is a part of Patna Medical College, were I did my internship training. 
Its department of Plastic Surgery serves many patients - daily. 

I was passing by the department today and couldn't stop myself from clicking this photo.

Does this banner look ugly to you? To me - it does! 

In a world where Marketing makes our breaks political campaigns, influences choice of cola among the poorest of poor, success of the world's largest Pulse Polio campaign - I think this poorly designed banner can easily make beneficiaries of PMCH believe that they are opting for poor, low quality services.

Does designed for poor need to be poorly designed as well?

I am not a proponent of expensive marketing material. On the contrary I think you must be selling sugared and coloured water(with some fizz) if you need to run multi-billion dollar advertisement campaigns.

I believe we can increase uptake of public services by making them look elegant. 
At the same time, elegance need not be expensive. 
Simple signage with modern topography can be achieved frugally!

Let us design it better. It matters!

Increased uptake of services can be a consequence ! Who knows :)