Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Responsible Politics - Financial appraisal systems for Netas!

Can we innovate in the modality of democracy?

Can we somehow learn to make our leaders deliver?

Nothing could be more dastardly for Delhites (I am one!) than the AAP vs BJP confrontation.
When we say India is a rising superpower (I believe in it!), and I look at the grim situation in Delhi - power cuts, poor roads, holy cows on ring road (yes!), water supply at 2 AM (get it or buy it), I am amazed!

When I compare the amenities a common man (I can’t use the term 'aam aadmi' anymore) in Delhi gets with a villager in France/Japan/Australia, I am shamed. I know that I would be immediately given photographs of Delhi Metro. I agree we have made significant progress, but is that not too little, too late!

Clearly, all our choices so far have failed us - and they blame each other. Who loses ?
We, the citizens, do!

What if we mandated the politicians to complete the tasks they have promised. 
And what if their appraisal was not voting them out if they failed but to give them a financial penalty. 
They should return the money tax-payers have spent on them for getting things done.

We after all don’t elect highly paid irresponsible ‘netas’. 
In their own words they want to be ‘responsible’, ‘diligent’ and ‘useful’.

As a nation we can set up new benchmarks of a responsible and accountable democracy.
Any takers ?